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Client: Regional Local Government Council

The client services a region that has been impacted by the downturn in the mining industry and was facing a significant reduction in rates revenue to support the maintenance of the infrastructure that had expended to cater for the boom.  


Our Director and team engaged to help the client understand the current and desired culture and the values that would underpin the organisations’ goal of working together across the organisation to deliver efficient and effective service to their clients and community.  Our team undertook a systemic Cultural development program. 

A culture diagnostic, where over 80% of employees took part formed the basis of the current state and provided insight into the type of culture needed to achieve the organisation’s goals.  From this data, the values of the organisation were developed, and employees engaged in activities to bring the values into focus in terms of how they undertook their work each day.  

An intensive Individual and collective leadership development program was undertaken with the Executive and Senior Leaders of the organisation, to build their understanding of how culture is formed and their role in moving the organisation toward the desired culture.  

An Interactive ‘cascading the culture’ program was undertaken which engaged the whole of the organisation through a program of internally driven culture activities.  This program partnered closely with the leaders, HR personnel and ‘culture coaches’ building internally capability and sustainability within the Organisation.


The focus on leaders’ development prior to cascading the culture and values activities deeper into the organisation positioned them to begin to build the values and culture into their leadership practice.  In the Pulse Survey conducted 9 months after the initial work with leaders the result indicated that 100% agreed or strongly agreed that they were personally committed to the target culture and had personally changed a behaviour to align with the target culture.  

Following the cascading of the culture, activities and communication employees responded strongly indicating positive change overall with good awareness, understanding and commitment to the values and target culture.  Respondents reported the following:

  • 91% agreed or strongly agreed that they were aware of the values 

  • 83% agreed or strongly agreed that they were personally committed to the target culture 

  • 57% agreed or strongly agreed that that had changed behaviour to align to the target culture

  • 55% agreed or strongly agreed that they have observed their manager trying to change their behaviour’s to align to the target culture

  • 55% agreed or strongly agreed that the organisation was making progress towards improving the culture

Research has demonstrated that a “Tipping Point” of 35% is required to achieve cultural change.  The results indicate that the “Tipping Point” (35%) was achieved in all aspects within six months of the program implementation.

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