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Client: Regional Queensland Electricity Provider

The organisation was experiencing a significant increase in escalated complaints, staff grievances and inconsistent approaches to dealing with investigation matters across the state.   Long term sick leave and income continuance claim provisions were seen as being exploited by some employees with a lack of internal management and ownership.  


Our Director, Janeene Hutchinson was engaged to review the organisation wide HR policies, procedures and management system with a specific focus on complaints, grievances and investigation methodology.   The services included locations throughout Queensland for an organisation with more than 4,500 workers.  Due to the geographical dispersity of the workforce a variety of engagement options were utilised including face to face, teleconferences, videoconferencing formal and informal workshops were utilised for interviewees and key stakeholders involvement, engagement solution development and agreement. 

Approach and Methodology

In applying a tailored approach based on the methodology below several quick wins and longer terms recommendations were implemented with a high degree of buy-in and ownership from employees. 



There was a direct impact on building leader and internal HR understanding and capability.  The consistency of approach, leader ownership and management of cases increased within 3 months of initiatives being implemented.  Developed frameworks and methodologies became imbedded in the organisation and established a benchmark for other like organisations.  

The initiative implementation resulted in a decrease in claims, investigation turnaround, escalations and legal costs of more than 50 percent.  An increase in internal capability, management, system understanding and consistency occurred throughout Queensland. 

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