HR and HSE Investigations

If an incident occurs it would be criminal not to learn from it. Hiring us to conduct HR investigations delivers a non-biased, professional body to help you navigate stressful waters.

Our Approach

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HR and HSE Investigations for the Workplace by a Professional Body

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to equip leaders and teams to enable them to understand their reactions to change and how to manage themselves in moving toward change more effectively by providing HR and HSE Investigations.

We are strategic and operational project change management specialists.

Bespoke Toolkits

HRS Connect develops highly bespoke change management toolkits for your business as well as provide high-quality change management training programs.

All of our team members are PROSCI certified.

Solution Based Methodologies

We use proven methodologies for HR investigations to retain respect and ensure balanced outcomes focused on solutions. We also bring practical experience to support or coach leaders through the management of the process.

ICAM Certified

Tailored to accommodate internal templates and application of the ICAM methodology (Incident, Cause Analysis Method). Specific focus on the cause and risk mitigation – coaching businesses to avoid blame and look for the learning to reduce likelihood of reoccurrence. Experience working within a legal privilege framework.

HR and HSE Investigations for the Workplace

HSE Lead Indicator Development

HRS Connect uses lead indicators to drive positive health & safety culture. Driving the right behaviours will result in increased performance, reducing the impact of incidents and injuries and will improve overall morale and employee motivation.

Stages of Investigation

HR and HSE Investigations for the Workplace

HR and HSE Investigations for the Workplace

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Change Excellence

Customised, strategic change management interventions and solutions.

Organisational Strategy

Partnering with businesses to redefine their business models to achieve strategic goals.

Leadership and Culture

We provide executive and leadership coaching, customised programs, and consultancy advice.

HR and HSE Investigations

HR & HSE Management Systems

Employee relations and health and safety investigations.

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