HSE Management Systems Training

Our team are highly trained in Health, Safety Environment Management Systems, including the development, review and training of existing and new procedures. We work with you to customise elements of the proposed approach, methodology and, if required, timing of the training rollout to ensure they meet your current and specific needs.

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Bespoke Solutions

Experience and Proven Methods

Our team brings their vast experience, proven tools and methodologies to the engagement; tailoring the approach and application of these to the specific requirements of your business in order to achieve the strategic and operational outcomes.

A robust, customised approach

We work with major stakeholders to customise elements of the proposed approach and methodology and, if required, timing of interventions to ensure they meet your current, specific and emerging needs.

HRS Connect has a robust process for tracking attendance, managing course feedback and undertaking competency assessments.

Our HSE Management System Training Methodology

The HRS Connect HSE Management System Training Methodology

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Step 1: Design

  • Tailored to suit internal templates
  • Modularised
  • Iterative with internal SME / Stakeholders
  • Participant / Facilitator guides
  • Handouts
  • Delivery options – video, roleplay, etc
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Outcome- Fit for purpose program

Step 2: Pilot Programs

  • Up to 2 pilot programs
  • Pilot training program delivery live and engage with HSE team
  • Test delivery options
  • Outcome: program tested with gaps and improvements identified

Step 3: Review and Approval

  • Finalise and agree on content including supporting materials
  • Finalise and agree on delivery options
  • Organise materials, printing, etc
  • Outcome: agreed materials and delivery to suit needs

Step 4: Training Delivery

  • Series of 2 x 1-day education sessions
  • Includes individual and collective activities
  • Action plan development
  • Attendance and feedback
  • Assessment of learning outcomes
  • Outcome: Flexible program partnering to build internal capability

Step 5: Sustain Performance

  • Activities to imbed learning including peer to peer buddying, refresher options
  • Outcome: equip future leaders and progress towards an interdependent HSE culture

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