Thank you, BiiG Conference, for such a positive and insightful event

We reflect on the incredibly successful and insightful BiiG Conference 2021, of which HRS Connect were proud sponsors.

What a great 2021 conference! At a time when we are all looking for that opportunity to connect with peers, colleagues and a diverse range of people to share stories, knowledge or to simply enjoy the face to face conversation. 

The BiiG Conference organisers were delighted to see that 86% of those who have returned the survey rated the overall event as Excellent (45%) or Very Good (41%).

HRS Connect were visited by more than 400 delegates with which we had some really valuable, interesting and enthusiastic conversations with so many diverse people it really kept us happily engaged with you for the two day conference. 

Some of the main topics people were interested in related to leadership coaching, team development, HR Investigations and psychological safety.  

If you did not get a chance to pick up some information from our stand, the Digital Hub is now open for delegates.  CLICK HERE to access the Hub.

Karen and Janeene of HRS Connect, proud sponsors of the Biig Conference 2021

Photos provided by BiiG Conference

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