KPIs and linkages to Psychological safety

The concept of psychological safety has increasingly become understood as a significant driver of workplace productivity.

Google’s Project Aristotle observed that Psychological Safety, more than anything else, was critical to making a team work successfully and repeatedly deliver high-performance outcomes. People who experience psychological safe team environments can bring their whole self to work as they operate with accountability, creativity, and a focus on achievement and performance.

In an article about the Google Aristotle Project that we link to in our most recent blog, employees stated, “To feel psychologically safe, we must know that we can be free enough to share the things that scare us without fear of recriminations.”

Our advice is; do not wait until you have a dip in safety performance, an increase in stress-related claims or an increase in HR investigation, before seeking an alternative to the lag indicators. Once an incident has happened it’s too late. Lead indicators help leaders correct their course and inform their decisions before people are hurt, physically or emotionally.

Lead Indicators of High-Performance outcomes

  • Lead indicator diagnostic tools and human centred leadership can significantly contribute to a paradigm shift in how to view and approach people, unlock existing potential, increase revenue and build high performing teams. 
  • Linking people, leadership and business performance to clearly identify leadership performance, the impact on KPI’s and develop laser focuses leadership development actions.

How we can help you

  • HRS Connect specialises in partnering with leaders and teams to create psychologically safe environments where people can bring their whole self, without fear of negative consequences to work.
  • We are qualified in the applied neuroscience of leadership and are accredited in a range of lead indicator diagnostics and NeuroLeadership development tools.  

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