Psychologically Safe Teams

Recent commentary regarding what is the most important area of focus for our leaders continues to raise the topic of creating psychologically safe team environments.  Amy Edmondson is a thought leader in psychologically safe environments and defined it as “a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.”

“It describes a team climate characterised by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves,” states Edmondson.

Psychologically safe team environments  is further defined as environments in which people can bring their whole self, without fear of negative consequences of self image, status or career. 

The ability to bring one’s whole self to work is not a new concept however psychologically safe environments takes this to a deeper level than perhaps previously addressed

Business performance through psychologically safe environments

The concept of psychological safety is increasingly becoming understood to be a significant driver of workplace productivity. 

At a time when many countries are heading into economic recession if not depression, the need to operate in the most efficient way is more critical than ever.   Most organisations will have exhausted the traditional cost-cutting strategies and are potentially overlooking the most effective and available avenue….. human centred leadership.

Psychological safety is a lead indicator to people and financial performance, culture and employee engagement.  Psychologically safe team environments do not translate to warm and fluffy leadership, in fact, these environments facilitate accountability, creativity and a focus on achievement and performance.  Team members are enabled to contribute, to express ideas, be included, valued and trusted, all achieved through robust, real and courageous conversations and interactions.

How HRS Connect partners with you to realise desired systemic shifts in performance

The HRS Connect team specialise in human-centred leadership utilising neuroscience expertise and tools combining these with proven leadership theories resulting in practical on the job leadership practices that grow leaders and team members potential, performance and effectiveness.  Many leaders have traditional theories and tools yet do not find the space to sustainably and systemically apply them in the workplace. 

We are Accredited Professionals in the leading edge Conductor Software which accurately measures psychological safety and its financial impact, providing very specific areas of focus for individual leaders and teams which can measurably improve the bottom line and people performance.

Through our multi-modal programs, coaching and support material, HRS Connect facilitate leaders to shift the knowing to the doing, the theory to the practical in a way that enables the continual growth of them and their team’s potential.

Connect with us to discuss how we can partner with you to experience a difference in your leadership and performance.

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