Dana Crees - Senior Associate

Dana has been working as an external and internal consultant, executive leadership coach and facilitator of transformational programs for over 20 years.

She approaches each engagement with a laser focus on supporting individuals, teams and organisations to step beyond their current performance and unleash their potential.

As a skilled and experienced transformational facilitator and coach, Dana is able to work with executive and senior leaders on their individual leadership effectiveness through the development of personal insight and awareness. This focus can be extended to their leadership teams to fast track their development as high performing teams. Her practical, solution focused approach is built on her understanding of the operational imperatives of organisational life and her belief that each individual, team and organisation have the capacity to transform, both what they do and how they do it.

With a career that has encompassed education, operational, project and senior leadership roles as well as consultancy in culture, behavioural change and leadership coaching, she brings the skills, knowledge and experience derived from this 30 year career to each engagement.

Dana’s passion and authenticity when working with individuals and teams encourages them explore their potential and unleash the creativity, energy and commitment that come from being able to bring more of themselves to work.