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HRS Connect team bring over 100 years of strategic and operational change management experience along with the application of the latest neuroscience techniques to support leaders and people to effectively lead themselves and others through change.

Over 100 years of Combined experience

Strategic and Operational Change Management, Leadership Development Programs

Our Change Management Experience

Our team brings their vast experience, proven tools and methodologies to the engagement; tailoring the approach and application of these to the specific requirements of your business in order to achieve the strategic and operational outcomes.

We work with major stakeholders to customise elements of the proposed approach and methodology and, if required, timing of interventions to ensure they meet your current, specific and emerging needs.


A robust Process

HRS Connect has a robust process for tracking attendance, managing course feedback and undertaking competency assessments.

HRS Connect team bring over 50 years of strategic and operational change management experience
We understand the importance of change management

Change is Neccessary

We understand the importance of change management

As constant change becomes a staple in our organisational diets, the ability to manage change smoothly, and build the change resilience of our leaders and our people is a critical success factor and a key competitive advantage.

Our team work closely with your organisation to explore the key cultural elements existing within your organisation.

We believe understanding the existing culture will facilitate the adoption of change along with the potentially limiting cultural elements that will hinder change efforts.


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HR and HSE Investigations

Leadership and Culture

We provide executive and leadership coaching, customised programs, and consultancy advice.

HR and HSE Investigations

Organisational Strategy

Partnering with businesses to redefine their business models to achieve strategic goals.

HR & HSE Investigations

Tailored HSE management systems and education training programs.

HR & HSE Management Systems

Employee relations and health and safety investigations.

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